Security - Joinful
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We have high expectations for all Joiners to be honest and trustworthy.  It is these values that will enable our community to grow, allowing you to keep meeting amazing people and participating in incredible activities globally.  We wish not to have one bad apple ruin the expectations of a wonderful batch of apples, and so we hope all batches of apples are wonderful.


At Joinful, we will continuously do our best to improve the safety of all the Joiners.  That said, you yourself should also best prepare to ensure the safety of yourself with the following tips:


  • Try not to join an activity alone at obscure locations or late at night with unfamiliar persons


  • Try not to join activities where the location doesn’t seem suitable or doesn’t make sense for the activity itself


  • Let your family and friends know the details of the activity you are participating in beforehand


  • Have emergency numbers on hand whichever city you go to


  • Check the host’s profile if possible to ensure that the profile doesn’t look suspicious


  • Always be aware of your surroundings


  • Do not carry anything valuable if possible


  • Do stay conscious enough to know what’s going on


  • Use our platform for any financial transactions or messaging with another Joiner


  • Be sure to read the disclaimer of each activity to properly understand the risks involved


  • Use common sense and good judgment to determine the risks involved


Remember that in a safety or emergency issue, please do not contact us, but do contact the local police or emergency contact.


As Joinful is only a platform connecting people through activities, we do not carry any responsibilities or liabilities whatsoever should any safety issues arise from the activity, the host, or other joiners involved.  For additional legal information, please read our Terms and Conditions.  For any questions, please contact