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E-mail to apply for jobs.  We’re a startup, so you will have more responsibilities and cool things to do.  Better chance of senior positions in the future.  Less dealing with office politics, more dealing with actual work and seeing yourself making an immediate impact.  You would be working to implement a vision.  Expect hard work, sudden changes, and a responsibility to be proactive and take initiative.  Do not apply if you think you are not up to the task, otherwise you will be wasting each other’s time.  Do apply if you are confident to bring out your best and we will help realize your potential.  We appreciate those that are scared but have the courage to embark on this amazing journey; we will translate your courage into something substantial.  We want to hire people who are willing to think outside the box and also believe strongly in our vision of bringing people together and sharing our knowledge and resources together through activities.



At Joinful, we are an up and rising start-up company, which means that the decisions you make will play a bigger impact in the overall future of Joinful at this stage.  We will trust you with responsibilities similar to senior positions in other companies and corporations.  We want to enable you by letting you do things in breadth and in depth, meaning you may be doing marketing but you may also be involved in customer service, and so forth.  At Joinful, we want to bring out your potential not only professionally, but also personally as well (if you want us to!) so that you grow not only in your career, but also as a person.  We are looking into flexibility in terms of hours and limited remote working.  Most likely we will begin with semi flexible hours and see how it goes.



Chief Technology Officer (1)

Have you ever lead a team before to build an app, from the start (wireframes) to the finish (market)?  What were your results?  How would you improve?  We want someone experienced to be leading the technical side of the team.  Contact us if interested!


Community Managers (2)

We are looking for 2 persons to help us with promoting our app.  You can work whenever and wherever you want as long as you meet the following requirements:



  • Attend 8 different events per month of your choosing and promote our Joinful app
  • Sign up at least 100 new users per month
  • Host at least 1 activity per week with a min. of 5 persons attending each activity not including yourself
  • Write a weekly report on the new users you recruited, feedback from users and friends, feedback on what worked and what didn’t, interested activities, your own hosted activities, if any of your new users hosted any activities
  • Answer any questions about the app and business from users
  • Post and manage on your social media accounts



  • For each new user that you recruit and joins an activity in the Joinful app, you get HKD 20.  They must upload a profile pic when signing up
  • If your new user hosts an activity that starts within the 30 days after they create an account, you will get another HKD 20.  You will only get this amount after the activity has ended, and the user cannot cancel / refund the hosted activity in order for you to gain this bonus
  • You will get HKD 500 per month for transport / attend paid activities



  • Must know English, Cantonese highly preferred, Mandarin and other languages a plus
  • Outgoing, easy going, positive, and comfortable around any social situations
  • Must have self initiative and self discipline and be hardworking
  • Must have iPhone since we are only on iOS at the moment
  • Must have Facebook, Instagram, and preferably Snapchat
  • Preferred, but not required, for those who have any of the following interests: Food/Beverages, Photography, Board Games, Sports and Fitness





Imagine as if Joinful is a human body.  We see the employees of our company as the organs of the human body, helping it run and work properly.  That’s why employees are so important to us because they are the ones who keep us alive and healthy!


When it comes to hiring, we look at mainly five components.  In order, they are Character, Performance, Natural Strengths, Culture, and Diversity.


Character pertains to the individual’s morales, ethics, and personality.  Performance is results oriented, both by past records (academics, previous job performances, outside of work and education performances) and our prediction of your achievements with your potential job responsibilities.  With performance, we want to see massive results produced for something that you have had an interest in.  That said, we understand your environment and circumstances may have limited you to prove your real potential – a fish could never climb a tree even if it tried its best for example.  In that case, we want to understand you and look at your Natural Strengths to find roles and projects suitable for what you’re naturally talented at.  We then see how you fit into our company’s Culture and see if your presence has affected positively to Joinful’s morale and motivation.  Finally, we value Diversity and appreciate different inputs from people with different backgrounds.


This hiring philosophy isn’t a linear formula!  We put more emphasis on Character but it doesn’t mean your Character alone makes you an instant hire.  Also, hiring can be very situational and can depend on who we really need at that moment and in the foreseeable future.