How It Works - Joinful
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How It Works

Joining Activities

How It Works - Join

Search for Activities

You can search by cities to find activities at the top or instant search at your current location at the top right ‘target’ icon. You can see our ‘Recommended’ activities or ‘Nearby’ activities (if any) for you. And you can use our Explore section for a few recommended cities and search activities that way.

How It Works - Join

Discover Activity Details

Discover the details of the activity – date and time, participants, location, activity description, photos and more! Chat with other joiners in the chatroom. Favourite your activity with the ‘heart’ icon.

How It Works - Join

Join Activity

Confirm the number of participants (including yourself) and the total price (if any), then click ‘Join Now’! If there is payment, you will be directed to a payment page before confirmation.


Hosting Activities

How It Works - Host

Add New Activity

Go to the Host page and add new activity. If this is your first time hosting an activity, you will need to provide a few extra details to become a host.

How It Works - Host

Create Activity

Fill in the details and information of the activity you would like to host.

How It Works - Host

Completion! Wait for Joiners

Now all you have to do is wait for joiners to participate! You can edit some info 48 hours before the activity start time or you can call off the activity at any time.

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