How It Works

Make new friends with other photographers through shared experiences and activities.  Click on the buttons to jump to the section you need, or scroll down to start from the beginning.  You can also look at our App Map to know all the different features our Joinful app currently has.


Want to do a fun activity or go to an exciting event while meeting people who want to do the same?  Host an activity and see who else is interested.

Joinful App

Add New Activity

Go to the Host page and add new activity. If this is your first time hosting an activity, you will need to provide a few extra details to become a host.

Joinful App

Create Activity

Fill in the details and information of the activity you would like to host.

Joinful App

Completion! Wait for Joiners

Now all you have to do is wait for joiners to participate! You can edit some info 48 hours before the activity start time or you can call off the activity at any time.


A couple of use cases for the sort of activities you may want to host.  You can also host and find activities when you are travelling.

Beach Photo


Got a fun photography location to shoot?  Want to share with other photographers certain techniques you use to take photos?  Host your own photography activity and get other photographers to join you.

Help Take Pics

Help Me Take A Pic

Find photographers who are willing to snap a photo of you, which you can then use it for your projects or post it on Instagram.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

It doesn’t have to always be just about photography… right?  Host a happy hour and meet other photographers, from amateurs to professionals, and have a conversation about life and… alright your newest DSLR camera.


Find fun things to do right now or in the future, in your current city or in any part of the world, and meet new friends.

Search for Activities

Search activities by inputting a city name or instant search your current location at the top right ‘target’ icon. You can choose to filter the activities you want to see.

Discover Activity Details

Discover the details of the activity – date and time, participants, location, activity description, photos and more! Chat with other joiners in the chatroom. Favourite your activity with the ‘heart’ icon.

Join Activity

Confirm the number of participants (including yourself) then click ‘Join Now’!  You can view your current and previous joined activities in the Settings page.

Host Quality

What makes Joinful great is that we allow anyone to become hosts for free.  To ensure the quality of activities provided by our hosts, we provide a rating system to allow joiners to give ratings and comments of the host after each activity.  Other joiners can then review the hosts’ ratings and comments before joining an activity.

Profiles and Settings
Man Avatar

Know the Person

See their profiles for photos, demographic characteristics, languages, relationship status, interests, and their current moods.

Instagram Icon

Let Them Know You

Include your social media accounts, your joined activities, and a little bio about yourself.

Settings Icon

Manage Your Settings

Control what others can see of your profile, your notifications, other privacy settings and more.


Stay in touch with your new friends using our in-app features and let them know the next time you join an activity.

Friends’ List

Add friends on to your friends’ list to keep in contact and manage new friend requests.


Start having conversations with your friends to learn more about each other and to tell them when you are joining or hosting an activity.

Friends’ Calendar

See whether your friends have hosted or joined any activities in the upcoming few days and weeks.

Fitting In

Too big of a crowd and it can feel more like an intimidating event.

One to one can become awkward quickly if things don’t work out.

Each activity is capped at 20 joiners to create a sense of belonging for everyone in the group.