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What is Joinful?

A platform connecting photographers through activities.


Is Joinful free?

It is entirely free to use the platform.  However, please note that some activities themselves may require payment.  Please ask your hosts to clarify.


Who can register?

Anyone that is 18+ and has a valid e-mail address.


What are joiners?

A joiner is anyone that has created an account in Joinful.  Anyone who is a Joiner is part of the Joinful community.


How do I logout?

Settings in menu, select Settings, Logout.


How do I change the notifications?

Settings in menu, select Settings, Notifications.


How do I refresh the home page?

Scroll up till it hits the top, then a loading icon should appear.  It means that the page is being refreshed.


How do I access the intro animation again?

The intro animation is only available for the first time you install or reinstall the app.


Where can I reread the terms and conditions or privacy policy?

Please go to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages.




How can I register?

You can register using your e-mail address or Facebook for now.


Do I need to pay anything to sign up for an account?

No, our platform is completely free, regardless of whether you just want to be a joiner (user) or a host.


Why does it say ‘User not found’ when I login?

It means that your e-mail address you try to login with doesn’t exist in our database.  Please sign up or use the correct e-mail address.


I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

Go to the login page, select Forgot Password, enter your e-mail address, and a reset password e-mail will be sent to your e-mail.


It freezes after Fill My Profile?  Why and what do I do?

The app may have encountered a problem.  Please close the app and you should be directed to the home page when you reopen it.  From there, you can finish filling in the profile at Settings and View / Edit my profile.  Please also let us know that you’ve encountered this problem as well by going to settings, then Send App Feedback, and subject line please put Bug Problem.




How can I ensure safety in these activities?

We believe that people in general are good hearted.  In the event that you do experience an uncomfortable or unpleasant experience, you should seek to leave the activity or stop doing the activity whenever possible and inform us immediately.  Should you encounter a situation that requires an emergency, please contact the local police or local emergency contact to assist you.  Also, remember that you are the one who ultimately makes the decision and therefore do not feel that you have to do or say something even if a host forces or insists you to.  Read our Security tips for our recommendations to ensure your safety.


What is the Activity ID?

The Activity ID is a unique identifier of each activity.  This is used either to search for the activity or so that you can share the activity ID with your friends so they know specifically which activity you are referring to.


How do I join an activity?

There is a join button at the bottom of every activity page if the activity hasn’t ended or isn’t full.  You can also directly join an activity whenever there is a blue button that says ‘Join’ on it on the activity preview rectangles.


What does no. of participants mean?

The number of people that are joining this activity with you, including yourself.  If it’s just you, leave it at one.  The maximum number of participants you can bring in total, including yourself, is 4 per profile.  This will allow you to bring friends who may not have Joinful yet.


What does the price mean?

The price indicates whether or not you have to pay the host, not whether or not the activity has fees.  Best to ask the host if there are other fees to pay to join the activity.


What is the maximum # of people required in the Activity page?

The maximum number of people that can join the activity.


What does it mean when an activity says activity is full?

If the activity is maxed out, it will say activity is full.


What do the languages mean or interests or moods mean in the activity page?

The languages mean the languages the host is capable of speaking.  The interests refer to what interests the activity would be tailored for.  The moods indicate the type of emotions of the activity.  For example, if it’s a roller coaster ride it’ll most likely be excited.  If it’s a group gathering to share stories on recent losses, it’ll most likely be a sad activity.


How can I change the currency I want the activities to be displayed in?

Go to Settings, then select Display Currency.


How do I communicate with the host?

Joiners can communicate with the host through the ‘Chatroom’ that is available in each of the activity’s page.  Think of it as a public forum.  The chatroom is only available after you have joined an activity.


How do I see the host’s ratings and reviews?

You can access the host’s ratings and reviews by going to the host’s profiles and clicking on the stars.  There it will show you the average rating of the host as well as any comments given by other joiners about the host.


What does Add to my Calendar mean?

This function occurs after you have successfully joined an activity and will also appear at the bottom of the joined activity’s page.  Pressing this adds the joined activity to your iPhone’s Calendar.


How can I share the activities with my friends?

After joining, you can share the activity through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, and Copy Link.  These sharing buttons will also be available in other places in the app as well.


How do I see the history of all my joined activities?

Go to the Settings menu, and click on History next to My Joined Activities.


Can I unjoin activities?

Yes, at the bottom of each joined activity details’ page, you can choose to unjoin the activity.  Unjoining means to indicate that you are not participating in the activity anymore.  This will open up your space to other participants.


Where can I check which activities I’ve cancelled/unjoined?

There is a cancellation history page where you can access by going to settings then Cancellation History.


How does recommended activities work?

We recommend activities based on an algorithm that works with the number of your Joinful friends that have joined the activity, the number of remaining participants required to start the activity, as well as whether it fits your selected interests in your current location.  That’s why it’s important to choose interests that you are interested in.  If there are no recommended activities that fit this algorithm, we choose the newest activities for you.


How does nearby activities work?

Nearby activities show up when you’re within a radius of 5km of an activity that will take place within the next 5 days.  If there are no nearby activities, this field does not show up.


What’s the best way to see all my activities in my city?

Either search for your city and a list of activities will be displayed, or use our instant search ‘target’ icon to instantly display search results in your current location.


What are those heart shaped icons?

Those heart shaped icons allow you to favourite your activity whether you end up joining or not.  Think of them as if they were bookmarks.  You can access your favourited activities by going to the Settings and Profile icon (5th from the left in the menu), then clicking on ‘My Favourites’.


Why can’t I see the chatroom in the Activity?

The chatroom is a conversation only for those that have successfully joined the activity.


Why is the blue ‘join’ button missing?

It most likely means that you have already joined that activity.  If that is not the case, please contact us.


Why is it that when I click on the map in the activity, it brings me to Apple Maps?

We are still working on it so that you can select which map app you want to display with.  At the moment if you want to see it on Google Map, click on ‘Google’ at the bottom left and the area will be displayed on Google Maps instead.


Where do I see all my favourited activities?

Go to settings menu, and click on My Favourites.


How do I change the language of the application?

Go to settings menu, click on Settings, click on Display Language.


How do I rate or leave comments of the host after the activity?

An automatic message will be sent from Joinful asking you to review her or him after the end of each activity.  You can choose to rate how many stars to give the host and/or also to write any comments or feedback you may have of the host.  These ratings and comments will be displayed in public and can be found in the host’s profile when you click on the stars.  There is a maximum of 1,600 character limit for the feedback comment.


How do I report a Joiner?

Go to their profile page, and click on the ‘…’ on the top right, and click Report User.  Please provide reasons and proof as to why you want to report the user.  Screenshots attached would facilitate the process.


How do you protect your platform from fake profiles?

This is something that is in the works and is a problem we will tackle with.  We rely on our community of joiners to report suspicious accounts to us.  We will also moderate the platform to find any users who are behaving suspiciously or acting like a spam bot and will disable or delete their accounts.


How do I report an activity?

Go to the activity details page, click on the ‘…’ at the top, and click Report Activity.  Please provide reasons and proof as to why you want to report the activity.  Screenshots attached would facilitate the process.


How does reporting a person or activity work?

It really comes down to more art than science, and we use our best discretion based on a criteria of factors, including the number of other users who have reported a similar problem and the amount of evidence and proof that we have.


How do I block someone?

Go to their profile page, click on the triple dots, and select Block.  Alternatively, you can go to your friend’s contact list, swipe left, and click on block.


What happens if I block someone or if I’m blocked?

Conversations will be disabled on both sides.  You will not be able to search for that blocked person’s profile, and the blocked person will not be able to search for the blocker’s profile.  The blocker can still see blocked person’s profile based on privacy set, but the blocked person will not be able to see the blocker’s profile regardless of privacy set except for name and profile picture.


Additionally, the blocked person will not be able to join any activities that the blocker has hosted.  However, if the blocker has only joined an activity, the blocked person can still join that same activity.


If both persons were friends on Joinful, they will remain on each other’s friends’ list unless one of them removes the other.




How does the search function work?

You can search for activities either by searching for the location (city) or by the Activity’s unique ID identifier.  You can filter for more specific results by clicking on the filter button at the top right.


What is the crosshair icon at the top right of the Homepage for?

By clicking on the crosshair icon, you will immediately search for results based on your current location.


Why do no results show up when I search by the Activity’s ID?

Either because there are no activities that exist with that activity ID, or you need to input the first two letters and two numbers before any results will show up.


Can I search by countries or specific counties or regions?

You have to search by cities.  Our cities’ list is based on Google’s cities list.


Why are there no activities shown in the results?

Either because there are no activities in the city currently, or none of the activities match your filter options.




Why can’t I upload my picture?

Please ensure that it’s a proper image format and the file size isn’t too big.  If it takes forever to upload, please close the app and try again, or choose a different picture with a smaller size.  Sometimes if you’re trying to upload a picture that is stored in your iCloud, it may take a longer time.  If it takes too long, restart the app, or choose a different picture.  If you are keen on using that particular picture from the iCloud, try duplicating the picture to make it a recent picture in your photo album and selecting it again.


What’s the maximum number of photos I can upload?



Can I upload videos?



How do I go to / edit my profile page?

Either through the home page and selecting your profile pic icon, or going to Settings and clicking on ‘View / Edit my Profile”


I’m getting error messages when connecting to my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?

Please make sure that you have logged in and have turned on your application or that the address you’ve entered is correct.  If you’re still running into problems, contact us by going to Send App Feedback and letting us know what the error is.  A screenshot or a recorded video is preferable.


How do I see other people’s joined activities / hosted activities / favourited activites?

If their privacy settings allow, you can look at a person’s joined activities / hosted activities / favourited activities by going to the bottom of their profile page.  Click on ‘See all’ to see all the person’s joined activities.  Click on the Hosted Activities to see all their hosted activities.  Click on Favourites to see all their favourited activities.


What is the character limit for quote, biography, first name, last name, occupation?

Quote is 500 characters.  Biography is 1,000 characters.  First name is 65 characters, last name is 35 characters.  Occupation is 80 characters.


How do I control my privacy settings?

Please go to Settings in menu, select Settings, then select Privacy.  You can control who sees your joined activities, your profile, your favourited activities, and your age.


How can I resize and move my pics?

You can drag the pic to move it around.  You can zoom in and zoom out of the pic by using two fingers to zoom in or out.


I modified my profile and none of the changes have been saved, what’s going on?

It may be possible that you didn’t click on the save button on the top right, and instead clicked on the back button.  Clicking on the back button does not save your changes.


Do you allow company / business accounts?

No we do not allow company / business accounts and will disable or delete them.  In fact, we highly discourage any sales/spam/selling accounts, messages, and tactics on our platform and may issue warnings or disable and delete accounts as necessary.  Please use your best discretion.  For example, if you’re only on Joinful to sell oranges to our joiners or trick them into coming to an activity where you then just sell oranges to them, that’s a no-no.  But if your business is about selling oranges but you invite them to do an activity together, such as making orange juices or learning about how to tell good oranges from bad oranges, that’s okay.




How do I add a friend?

Go to their profile page and click ‘Add Friend’ at the bottom and it will be changed to ‘Friend Request Pending’.  A friend request will pop up in their Friends’ Request menu.  Once the person has accepted your friend request, the ‘Friend Request Pending’ will become a ‘Chat’ button where it will bring you to your inbox page to chat with this friend.  Alternatively, you can also chat with this friend by going to Inbox and searching for this joiner’s name.  Or you can go to your Friend’s list to find your friend to go directly to their profile page, or clicking on the speech bubble brings you to your conversation.


A second way to add them is by clicking on the plus sign on the top right hand corner of the Friends’ menu, then searching for them by name or by their e-mail address.


How do I remove a friend?

Go to your Friends’ menu, swipe left on that contact person, and click Remove.  Alternatively, you can go to their profile, click on the three dots at the top right, and select Remove Friend.  A popup will appear asking if you want to do this, and select yes.  That person will no longer be your friend, and both of your lists will remove each other, and either one of you will have to submit friend request again in order to be friends again.


How do I accept friend requests?

Go to the Friends’ menu and select requests, and choose to accept or decline.


How do I cancel a pending friend request?

You cannot cancel a pending friend request right now.


What is the friends’ calendar?

The friends’ calendar, located on the top left corner of the Friends page, is where you can see what your friends are joining or hosting for the next 4 weeks.  Perhaps you would want to join the same activity as them as well!




Can I edit my activity after it has been published?

We gave some thought about it, and decided that in this current version, we do not allow modifications to the activity name, start times and dates, end times and dates, minimum and maximum number of people required, price, and location.  We decided on this to ensure that joiners know what they are participating in and committing to.  Everything else is modifiable until 48 hours before the activity start time.  Therefore, before you publish an activity, please double and triple check all the information first.  If you must edit such information, either remake the activity, or publish the updated information in ‘About the Activity’ and inform your joiners through the Chatroom.


What are the character limits for about the activity, activity disclaimer, activity name?

About the activity 8,000 characters, activity disclaimer 4,000 characters, and activity name 200 characters.


What should I include in my About the Activity?

Anything that makes the Joiner more informed about your activity, and anything that makes it more appealing without misleading the Joiner.  The more specific you can be, the better.  Additionally, if you ever need to update your Joiners on new updates of activity time, dates, or other changes, this would also be a good place to do so.


I can’t find the exact location that I want to host my activity / host my meet up point.

In that case, pick the closest one that’s nearest to your meet up point, and in ‘About the Activity’ write down the exact address you want to meet up.  We would advise to also include it in the chatroom to the Joiners as well to keep them informed.


What should I include in my disclaimer?

Some activities may not be suitable for specific individuals.  For example, you could indicate when an activity requires a certain age to participate or if they are not suitable for pregnant women or people with specific illnesses.  Also, there may be safety precautions you would like to inform Joiners participating in your activities.  Please note that these disclaimers are not legally binding, but as a warning for joiners before they consider joining the activities themselves.  Disclaimers are optional to fill out.


How can I resize and move my activity pics?

You can drag the pic to move it around.  You can zoom in and zoom out of the pic by using two fingers to zoom in or out.


How can I make my activities more appealing?

We will probably dedicate a blog post about this, but some quick tips include uploading professional and relevant photos, being specific about the activity details and focusing on a particular market of people you want to attract.


How do I cancel or call off an activity?

After hosting an activity, you can go to your hosted activity’s page and click call off at the bottom off the page.  Hosts can then broadcast a message to all Joiners explaining the cancellation, although this procedure is optional.  You cannot call off an activity that has already started.


Why can’t I edit start date/time, end date/time, min. and max participants, location, activity name after an activity has been hosted?

If we allowed such changes to be made, it may cause confusion amongst participants as to the true start time and ready status of the activity.  If such modifications were allowed, some hosts may abuse the system, and it wouldn’t be fair for Joiners who planned ahead to attend your activity.


Why do we have to be rated and be commented after an activity?

Each joiner has the optional choice to submit their ratings and comments for the host after the completion of an activity.  We rely on a ratings system to create trust and to encourage hosts to be professional.  We believe hosts will also like this feedback system to see how they can improve.  If you believe that someone’s rating and comments are unjustified or inappropriate, please e-mail at hosts@joinful.com with details of the Activity ID, the joiner who rated you, and why you think the rating or comments was unfair.


What sort of activities am I not allowed to host?

Anything that’s illegal or considered inappropriate in your particular country or region that you are hosting the activity.  We also have a zero tolerance policy with any sexual, violent, condemnation, disrespectful, activities.  We also do not tolerate with substance abuses.


Why can’t I upload my picture?

Make sure it’s in the following formats: JPEG, BITMAP, etc. under 25MB


What is the check-in function about?

It’s an optional, but highly recommended to-use function for you to ‘check-in’ and show joiners your current location and to notify them that you have arrived.  The location will be displayed in the Chatroom page.  Additionally, if there is a dispute between you and your participants about your whereabouts for the activity, the Check-in serves as evidence that you were at the location of the activity.


What does the chatroom function do?

Each activity has their own chatroom, where hosts, the joined joiners, and the public can all participate in this discussion.  It’s mainly for the host to make announcements, and for joiners and the public to ask questions.  But of course, anything is allowed, and if it becomes a friendly and fun group conversation, so be it.


How long should I wait for late comers?

This is highly dependent on the activity that you are doing, the number of Joiners that have arrived on time, and many other factors.  While the final decision is made by the host as to when to begin, it is the joiner’s responsibility to arrive 10 minutes before the activity’s start time, as the host has the right to start the activity on the activity’s start time.


What are some hosting best practices?

Arrive 15 minutes early before start time, do the activity as you have stated, be professional and courteous, always have a backup plan in case you cannot attend last minute or if something unexpected occurs during the activity.


What happens to our deposit if in the unfortunate event that unusual circumstances have occurred, such as family illness, personal sickness, or natural causes?

For unfortunate events that occur due to personal circumstances, we highly recommend finding a substitute as a host asap.  In the event that an activity cannot or should not occur due to high risk of participating due to change of circumstances, such as bad weather that substantially increases the risk of participants’ safety and health, we urge that the host inform the participants of the cancellation and call off the activity.


Where do I see my hosted activities?

In the host page.  Even the ones cancelled or already ended would be displayed here.


Where can I edit my host info?

At the top right corner of the host page, click on the icon button with the person with the lightbulb.


Why do you require my telephone number?

The telephone number is needed for safety and legal reasons.  We will not contact you unless absolutely necessary.


Why do you require my credit card info and receiving bank information?

The credit card info is needed for you to pay the deposit.  If you refund the deposit, we will transfer it back to your receiving bank information.  For all payments, we will use the information you provided us in the receiving bank information.


What if I want to host an activity for more than 20 people?

Currently the maximum number of persons for an activity is set to 20 people.  If you’re planning to host for more than 20 people, you will have to create a duplicate activity until you reach the desired number of persons you want for the activity.  However, please ensure that you have the manpower and resources for handling the number of persons you plan to have for your activity.

The invoice activity start and end date/time are a few hours off from the actual activity start and end date/time.

This is a known bug and we will get to it as soon as possible.  If you notice other bugs, please submit them to info@joinful.com.




When will the Android version come out?

Not sure yet, we want to include Android users, but we need some time first.


When will your app be available in our country?

We are going to slowly roll out to different countries.  If you really want this app to come to your country asap, please e-mail us at info@joinful.com.  Your responses will play an effect as we want to see which countries would like us to be there for them.


What is this App Map?

Similar to a site map, we have this to make sure you understand the whole of our app so you can maximize its functionalities.  Each section allows you to understand whether there are more ‘links’ to go to another page.


Why the hot air balloon logo?

Kind of the first thing that popped up in our minds, and we wanted the logo to represent freedom and exploration in anywhere around the world.


Who is Pureline 151 Limited?

That is our company name that owns Joinful, the mobile app.


I have an idea too!  Should I do a startup?

Go for it.  Alan had an idea and Ryan gave him the enthusiasm and they started turning a dream into a reality.  They are enthusiastic about startups and ideas, feel free to talk to us so we can help you!


Why are you guys so awesome?

Why are you so awesome for asking this question?


How does your company handle privacy data of joiners?

We understand and respect the privacy of all Joiners and do our best to keep your information confidential and for the purposes within Joinful only. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.




I want to work with you guys!

Sure, you can go to www.joinful.com/jobs for our latest job offerings.  Please send us your resume, anything extra to make you stand out, and a fun or interesting fact about yourself to jobs@joinful.com.


What are your company’s core values?

Fun, Open, Quality, Product, Learning.  We not only want our own company to embrace them, but we wish for everyone in the Joinful community to embrace them as well.