Joinful - Becoming A Host


Download our free eBook (1.5mb) to learn about why and how you can become a Joinful host!


*Update (Jun. 2, 2018): We sincerely apologize, but we had to take out the ability for hosts to host paid activities temporarily.  Therefore, some sections about receiving payment and earning income may not be relevant for now.  We will have paid activities up and running as soon as we can.  To contact us for any inquiries, please go to our Contact page.


With this ebook, we will teach you how to set up your account to start hosting free and paid activities, receiving payments, common questions being a host, examples of activities that you can host, and more!


Even more hosting tips:

  • make sure all your activity photos are not blurry or grainy and that they are relevant to the activity!
  • upload the best activity photo as the first photo because that will be the activity’s profile picture
  • join other activities and engage with other joiners and activities to build awareness that you’re a host
  • get feedback from joiners after the activity and remember to thank them at the end of the activity and again after 1-2 days after end of activity