Customer Service Policy - Joinful
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Customer Service Policy


We understand how important customer service is to everyone in the Joinful community and we will do our best to provide high quality, professional and fast customer service for those in need.  That said, as we are currently a start-up, we may take up to 2 business days to reply you back, and so we appreciate your patience with us as we develop Joinful into an extraordinary community.


In general, the more details you are able to provide us, the faster we will be able to service you.  Details such as names, activity name, activity ID, dates, detailed description of what happened will be useful for us.  A contact number is optional if you wish for us to contact you.


We ask you to first check out our FAQ section, Terms and Conditions, Cancellations & Refunds policy, and Payments & Pricing Policy, to see if your inquiry has already been addressed.  If not, please contact us at for any disputes, complaints or reports.  You may contact us at for anything related to deposits, payments, pricing, cancellations, and refunds.  For anything else, please contact us at


We will try to anticipate potential scenarios that require our attention, but as there can potentially be an infinite number of scenarios that can occur, we will adapt and learn as we continue to grow to serve you better and better.  In fact, there may be situations where Joinful will have the final say and make a difficult decision that you may not like to hear.  That said, it is our duty to be fair, considerate, cooperative, helpful, and respectful, so if any of our staff do not act such way, please let us know with the staff name and detailed reason.  We will not share your inquiry to any third parties.  We will prioritize the issues based on how urgent and important we believe they are.


Once again, we continue to thank the community and all you Joiners for your participation in our ecosystem, and we will strive to deliver as best as we can.