Not sure how to begin a conversation?  Here are some icebreaker games and conversation starters to help you out:


  • Two truths and one lie.  Each of you say three statements about yourself, but one of them has to be a lie.  Guess the other person’s lie.


  • Download the ‘Party Charades’ app and play charades!  Each person takes turns holding up the phone on their forehead without knowing what they are.  The rest of the group has to give clues without directly saying the answer.  The person with the phone must guess what they are.


  • Never Have I Ever.  Each person puts out their hands, with their fingers opened.  Each person takes a turn saying something they’ve never done.  If other people in the group have done it, they have to put down one finger.  The first to put down all five fingers loses.


  • Ask fun questions, such as, ‘if you’re stranded in an island what three things would you bring’? or, ‘if you could invite five famous people to dinner, dead or living, who would they be and why?’ or, ‘if you had a billion dollars and need to spend it in one week, how would you do it?’


  • Ask each other why they joined the activity in the first place


  • Note something funny or peculiar or interesting that’s happening around the environment at the moment


  • Compliment something you like about them, whether it’d be something they are wearing or something they’ve done


  • Play 20 questions – one person thinks of an object and the other person asks questions to narrow down what the object may be