About Joinful


A friendship app for millennials.


Too many apps these days focus too much of our attention online… what happened to developing real human relationships through face to face time?  We believe that people are naturally social creatures – we communicate everyday both verbally and physically.  While communicating through messaging platforms are great, it by no means a replacement of real human interactions.  And often, human relationships are bonded from experiencing something together over time, whether it’s through an interest, an activity, or a feeling.


As we grow older, we become even more isolated and alone as our lives and our friends’ lives begin to diverge, and we realise making new friends wasn’t as easy as it used to be.  We hope that with Joinful, we can create serendipitous moments where by interacting with people through shared activities and shared experiences, new friendships can be created.  At the very minimum, you get to do an activity that you were interested in or curious about.



Community Terms

Joinful – derived from joyful (full of joy), Joinful is full of join, or more precisely, full of joy for joining


Joiner – anyone who has signed up an account with Joinful and is now part of the Joinful community


Host – any Joiner who has signed up to be a host for activities


Unjoin – to no longer join or participate in an activity that you previously joined