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Meet New Photographers

Meet new friends and photographers who want to take photos at the same locations or to share each others’ skills and knowledge.


How to use our app to meet friends

Discover Cool and Fun Activities

Explore interesting and fun photography activities in your current city or in other parts of the world, or host your own activities.


How to discover, join, and host activities

Trust in Your Hosts

Review the hosts’ ratings and read comments by other joiners about the host before joining an activity.


How we ensure the quality of hosts

Know Each Other Beforehand

Update your own profile or look at other joiners’ profiles so you can know more about each other quickly.


Learn more about profiles and privacy settings

Fit In Easily

Activities are limited to a maximum of 20 joiners (+1 including the host).


Why we decided to cap it at 20 persons

Keep in Touch

Stay in touch with your new friends using our in-app features.


How these features work

Joinful App
Joinful App
Joinful App
Joinful App
Photography Community

We are focused on promoting and helping the photography community 📷 and are committed to giving photographers the best experience when it comes to meeting new people who want to do portrait photography, landscape photography, street photography, anything you want!  Hosting an activity?  Let us know, and you may have a chance to be featured.

Photo Community

There are Joinful characters in the community that will interact with you throughout your time using the app, including the Joinful Police, Rify the Dog, Wishful the Genie, and a mysterious character that only a few will encounter.  Each of them are there to help you and to provide surprises, so be sure to add them as your friend (that is, only if they want to)!